MaxMind’s New Look

Over the last twenty years, MaxMind has secured its place as a cornerstone of the Internet, proving ourselves as a dependable, secure partner to thousands of businesses across the world. We’re proud of where we’ve come from and all the hard work we’ve done to make the Internet a smarter and safer place.

As MaxMind looks to the next twenty years as your preferred provider of IP intelligence data and fraud prevention services, we want to keep everything that’s made us a great partner while looking toward the future of digital commerce and risk management.

Today we’re debuting a refreshed logo that brings together the best of what MaxMind has been, with a vision for the future.

The MaxMind logo is the word MAXMIND, all in capitals, in a dark blue, bold,sans serif font with softened edges. There’s a logomark before the text, a setof four dots connected by lines in a stylized M with a gradient between twolighter blues.

Our new logo updates the MaxMind brand with contemporary design cues while bringing the classic elements of the MaxMind brand forward, highlighted with a simple visualization of the high quality data that underlies all our products and services.

We’re honored to be your trusted partner for IP intelligence and fraud prevention, and we’re excited to see what you build with our tools in the next twenty years!